What Makes Escorts So Attractive?

27 June 2024

Attraction can be instantaneous, or it can grow over time as we get to know someone. When meeting one of our gorgeous, premium escorts, the legwork of all that attraction has been done for you - they are already undeniably flawless. The other component is immediate chemistry - our bodies release pheromones when we’re attracted to someone. Often known as love chemicals, it’s an elusive but unmistakable reaction that helps us figure out how sexually compatible with someone we are - like the touch of her fingers on your arm feeling like tiny fireworks.

So what really influences attraction?

Generally, what most people find attractive is simply looking young. These include features such as large, round eyes which are well-spaced, cheekbones that could cut glass, a large forehead, and a small nose and chin. 

This is likely why many men are attracted to younger escorts, like the 20-year-old Lisi. Her youthful looks hint at with vitality and energy, which are definitely appealing qualities in the bedroom. Younger-looking people are also seen as more honest and warm - definitely good qualities. However, the fact that baby-faced adults are seen as less competent than their more mature qualities could hint to the rise in the popularity of MILFs - men like a woman who knows what she’s doing, which is what makes 35-year-old Eloise so popular. Here at Kings Lover, we have a range of ages for you to meet. 

Another point for attraction is symmetrical faces - and bodies. This is because symmetry makes people appear more healthy, which on a base level, is what we look for unconsciously when considering having children. As that is the root use of sex besides pleasure, it’s likely what makes escorts so attractive - they invest in their appearance, by eating well, and spending time in the gym. But it’s also likely their appearance was great to start with. 

Why do we like attractive people? 

Why do we like attractive people so much, if beauty is only skin-deep? There’s a phrase in Korean that may shed some light on this - “Your face is fun!” Despite the insult this could appear to be, it actually means that someone’s face is fun and entertaining to look at - because of how attractive it is. It’s enjoyable to look at attractive people, triggering the reward centre of our brain. No wonder men go for such gorgeous, unearthly beautiful escorts, such as Tommi Jo XXX, who looks like Pamela Anderson. Her face - and everything else she has - are certainly fun to look at…

How familiar we are with a face also influences our attraction. If you’ve seen a certain escort before and had a relatively positive experience, it’s likely you’ll want to see her again. This is because we have a most likely protective fear of the unknown. Why go through the unknown experience of meeting a new escort, when you have someone you know and enjoy? This is also influenced by proximity liking - the more time we spend with someone, the more likely we are to like them. 

We also tend to like people more when we’re in a good mood. You will normally want to see an escort when you’re in a good mood, which the expectation of sex definitely helps with. Someone reciprocating our attraction also helps us to like them more - and this is why many men enjoy seeing escorts - it’s nice to feel liked, loved and wanted. It releases another chemical - this time, dopamine, also known as the cuddle hormone, or the feel-good hormone. You might recognise it as warm, fuzzy feelings. 

What has visiting escorts got to do with attraction?

It seems obvious that we want to sleep with people we’re attracted to. But if that was all it is, why do so many men go for the girlfriend experience? A girlfriend experience is where a client meets a woman to go out for dinner and drinks with, join him on a hobby, or to just generally do something nice with. This can be followed with sex - or not. 

The escort will make him feel cared for, valued, and listened to. She will also usually be an engaging conversationalist, witty and interesting. The demand for this service shows that attraction is more than skin-deep and more than just our subconscious biology at play, although the attention of a gorgeous woman is definitely flattering. 

The bottom line

Sleeping with escorts is normal and completely understandable from a psychological point of view. Attraction to women who, subconsciously, promote youth, vitality, and strong children is only natural. When you see beauty, you are also perceiving health and strength. But it’s the other aspects of attraction - the draw to someone’s personality and warmth, that truly makes us human and sets us apart from other animals. 

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