Celebrity Escorts vs Ordinary Escorts

22 December 2022

Not only does King Lovers provide you with an escort for every taste, but also the women of your dreams as well. Our celebrity escorts allow your wildest fantasies to play out with the beautiful women you know and desire. 

From pornstars such as Barbie Sins XXX to influencer Kara Lina we have a list of celebrity escorts who will provide a range of our elite companionship services. Their beauty, class and fame set them apart from our other escorts and will give you the best experience. Here are our top reasons for going with one of our celebrity escorts if you are willing to spend the money.

Fulfil your Fantasy 

Have you always fancied a specific pornstar or model? Or have you always pictured them as your travel companion luxuriating on your yacht in the Mediterranean? Our celebrity escorts allow that fantasy to become a reality and for you to reach that gratification other women could not satisfy. 

Not only can they fulfil your fantasies, but you can finally find a personality that matches your energy. You may always have to find a sexy woman with a sparkling personality. Well, with celebrity escorts, you will not be disappointed! 

Once in a Lifetime Experience

We have already established that King Lovers can make your dreams come true, but only at a specific place and time. What sets these escorts apart from other women offering their services is that finding a time when they are not busy is rare.

Most celebrities adhere to hectic timetables, as you can imagine, so finding a night or a weekend where both of your schedules are free means the time you spend together is even more special. If you want to catch your favourite pornstar, maybe Jasmine Black XXX, you will have to see her on her London tour. 

The thrill is in the chase, after all.

Living a life of luxury

Celebrity escorts are used to the high life: expensive dinners, clothes, holidays and fast cars. You may also appreciate luxurious things, and celebrity escorts give you the best chance to explore that with the company on the same level as you.

These girls also understand how to behave if you are a more discreet individual. Being in the public eye means they may be more appreciative of the privacy you can provide them in some of the world's most expensive hotels.

FYI some may even ask you to sign confidentiality forms, but some may be happy to discuss your experiences with your friends- who you are sure to make jealous.

Distinct Beauties

Have you ever been browsing escort websites and seeing girls you like, but they are never quite right? Perhaps you have been looking for an escort who looks like your favourite pornstar or model but have never found the right one.

Looking for celebrity escorts allows you to see one of the women you have been watching and find uniquely beautiful—no surgery to look like someone else, just them naturally. 

Most celebrities are a distant kind of beauty unattainable to touch. Booking a celebrity escort allows you to fly closer to the sun. 

What Sets us Apart 

Some sites are all talk when it comes to their celebrity escorts. They claim to have the most recent Love Island contestants or pornstars, but they don't have the pictures to back it up. 

Kings Lover isn't afraid to show you pictures of our celebrity escorts so you know who you are booking and can already begin to fantasise about your time together!

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