Why Do Adult Industry Celebrities Become Escorts?

24 July 2023

Women have been killing it and making a success out of their careers in the adult industry for longer than you think! If you look back to the 18th century, sex workers that were popular amongst the elite in London society gained celebrity status due to their work. Sex work brought many women from ordinary circumstances into wealthy and influential positions, taking charge of their futures instead of being entirely at the mercy of men. 

Like those ladies of court and society, today, gorgeous women have made a name for themselves on the internet through glamour modelling or becoming pornstars, taking control of their careers within the adult industry. 

I'm sure those of you reading have your favourite pornstars with whom you have fantasised about spending a night. Now you can turn that fantasy into a reality with agencies such as Kings Lover, who provide a  full gallery of celebrity escorts well-known in the adult industry.

Spanning across the globe and available in different locations, we have a range of celebrity escorts who can liven up your experience with a companion in ways you cannot imagine. But why do they turn to escort work in the first place? And why are they the models you should be booking above all others?

Why do celebrities become escorts?

Offering companionship services is an excellent way for adult industry celebrities to grow and increase their brand image. It enhances their visibility to new audiences and attracts more business, allowing them to curate their public persona according to their vision. Another significant advantage of escort work is that it gives them flexibility and choice over managing their careers.

Our celebrity escorts also love to forge personal relationships with their clients exploring different fetishes or activities. Who doesn't like to be surprised by something new now and then? Escort work offers the opportunity to travel and visit places they may have yet to see if they were tied down by only working in one facet of the adult industry.

Why are Celebrity escorts better than ordinary escorts?

Whilst all our girls at Kings Lover are absolute beauties, incredible at providing whatever services you need, they cannot compare to a celebrity escort. However, if you are looking for a stand-out experience with a famous woman who will make all your mates jealous, then a celebrity escort is the way to go. 

They know how to extract pleasure from every inch of your body, leaving you wanting more after your experience with them. As the ultimate professionals, they can let you live out the fantasy you've had since you were younger, making a pornstar escort the only option. 

Why not just go for a PSE?

It may seem cost-effective to go for a porn star experience rather than a pornstar/celebrity escort, but it is just not the same! 

A Porn Star Experience (PSE) is a type of escort service that brings the fantasy of a porn star to life. It typically includes a more wild and uninhibited experience than a regular escort, with the companion performing sex acts and other activities that you would find in a pornographic movie. 

On the other hand, a Porn Star Escort is a genuine porn star who provides escort services. This type of escort is usually a professional with years of experience in the adult entertainment industry who knows how to bring the ultimate pleasure to their client. With a Porn Star Escort, you can expect an even more intense and passionate experience that will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

Both options are good, but to have the whole experience of bombshells such as Honey Demon or Gemma Massey, booking a celebrity escort is the way to go!

Booking a Celebrity Escort

Why not make your dreams come true? A night with a celebrity escort is worth having, regardless of your desired service. Just because some companions have been in porn does not necessarily mean they will perform every service, so browse our selection of celebrity escorts to see what they offer before you book based on your favourite. 

Prices vary on the escort you want to book, from £450 an hour to £4500, but oh boy, are they worth it! Unlike a celebrity escort, you won't find an experience or girls dripping with sensuality anywhere else. 

Booking is designed to make your life easier here at Kings Lover. Go to the celebrity's profile you like the look of and click the book me button, which will take you to our online booking form where you can make your fantasy a reality. 

Be sure to read our blog on the finest Celebrity Escorts the world has to offer, all available to book through Kings Lover.

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