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31 July 2023

When the world is brimming with experiences and adventures, we believe that no gentlemen should have to wander alone. That’s where KingsLover, your high-class escort directory, steps in. Join us on our thrilling adventure around the world, as we shed light on some of the hottest worldwide events that you simply can't miss. 

August: USA - Burning Man Festival

Date: 27th of August 2023 

Venture into the Nevada desert for a transformative experience like no other- the annual Burning Man Festival. An artistic and communal celebration of self-expression, this event fuses art, music, and culture into one. 

With an escort, prepare for your delight to be elevated as you embark on a transformative adventure. A USA escort would be thrilled to adorn her sultriest festival wear, as you bask in one of the most sought after experiences America has to offer. 

October: Italy - Merano Wine Festival in Tuscany

Date: October 14th to 15th

On the third weekend in October every year, Italy hosts the Merano Wine Festival, a captivating celebration that beckons wine enthusiasts from around the world. As autumn paints the Italian landscape golden, this charming festival joyously marks the end of harvest season.

I mean, what sounds more romantic than savouring indulgent, traditional wine in the company of a gorgeous Italian escort, right? With her charm and sophistication, she would add a touch of allure to this unmissable ocassion.

As you immerse yourself in the magic of this celebration, allow a KingsLover escort to guide you through the gorgeous floats and thriving crowd. Together, you are destined to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

November: Paris, France - Salon du Chocolat

Date: October 28th to November 1st

In the month of November, Paris, the City of Lights, transforms into a sweet haven for chocolate lovers during the prestigious Salon De Chocolat

This event gathers world-renowned chocolatiers and pastry chefs, who showcase their finest chocolate masterpieces, tantalising the taste buds of attendees from far and wide. And better yet, if you have a sweet tooth, the company of a luxurious Paris escort companion would make this delectable event that bit more indulgent.

With tasty treats and even more delicious eye-candy, a trip to the Salon De Chocolat becomes an exquisite journey of indulgence and pleasure. With a Kingslover Escort such as the stunning Layal by your side, the Salon De Chocolat will satisfy all of your naughty cravings. 

December: Dubai - Dubai Shopping Festival

Date: 15th of December to 29 January 2023

Just in time for the festive season, Dubai transforms into a shopper’s paradise during the renowned Dubai Shopping Festival. With incredible discounts, exclusive offers, and a real chance to treat yourself, this experience is perfect for punters yearning for the finer things in life. Allow a sophisticated KingsLover Dubai escort like our amazing Lisi to accompany you to a designer fashion show, adding a generous dash of luxury to this elite event.  

Not to mention, in the spirit of giving, you could consider delighting your escort with a thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a chic accessory or a special token of affection, this gesture will undoubtedly win her favour and create a meaningful, lasting connection. 

After an enchanting day of fashion and shopping, let the opulence of Dubai sweep you both off of your feet. As the sun sets, marvel at the city's glimmering lights, and prepare to relax in style at a Dubai hotel in each other's company.    

January: USA - Sundance Film Festival

Date: January 18th to 24th

In January, the city of Park City, Utah, hosts one of the most prestigious film festivals around the globe. Founded by actor Robert Redford, the Sundance Film Festival showcases the best of independent films, attracting filmmakers, actors, and film enthusiasts.

In great company, you can embrace the magic of cinema, cuddled closely to Sarah Jessie (A film-star in her own right!). Attend exclusive after-parties together, bond over the films you’ve enjoyed together, and relish the excitement of mingling with A-listers.

To make this experience truly unforgettable, consider the companionship of a celebrity escort. With an exquisite wardrobe of figure-hugging, red-carpet-worthy dresses, they will leave you in awe, transforming every moment into a star-studded affair. 

Brazil- Rio Carnival 

Date: February 9th to 17th

When in Brazil, bringing a travel escort to the Rio Carnival is an absolute must! Experience the heartbeat of Brazil’s carnival and witness the dazzling parade of mesmerising, seductive costumes. 

Your escort’s charm and charisma will blend seamlessly with the carnival's magic. Just when you thought this once in a lifetime display couldn’t get any better, KingsLover escorts prove that it most certainly can. 

The beauty of booking a travel escort for this escapade is that they will fly directly to you to experience it with you! With us, you can effortlessly choose the escort who ticks all of your boxes, ensuring that your seduction need not be compromised on your vacation. Whether you prefer the enticement of a blonde or the appeal of a brunette, both can be found here in abundance. 

With our escorts in your company, the world is your playground. Our selection of exquisite companions ensure that your escapades are enriched with charm, charisma, and limitless excitement. Book with KingsLover escorts and let the world become your playground. For more info on how to get in touch, pay our Contact Us page a visit to find out more.

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